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November 18, 2005, 4:38 pm
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Going to Genting…

Genting Highland is celebrating 40th Anniversary. Although I don’t see any promotion going on (I guess they don’t need to promote as they have a rather high booking rate), together with another 2 families of friends, we’ll be heading there for a holiday.

Its been…what?… 5? 6? years since I’ve been there. I remember it as the boring kiddy rides theme park, zero shopping area, tasteless food courts and a big casino with lots of uncles and aunties smoking and gambling.

But they say things have changed, improved tremendously, much more exciting for all ages. For one I heard there’ll be a new roller coaster, the last time I ride a real one was in Gold Coast… raining… it really hurt to have rain drops hitting on my face while going down hill at 100 km/h, I could hardly open my eyes.

I’m no sucker for these rides anymore, in fact I never was one. But my lovely wife is the daring one, during our honeymoon in Australia, she pulled me into every Q for the scariest rides she can find on the list.

Someone ever said: “Why you pay money to scare the sh*t out of yourself?” True hor…

But there’ll be a new experience… the indoor sky diving. At RM50 you’ll get to have a feel of how its like to hover in the air. By the time you get the hang of it…times up.

There’s 2 cinema up there showing the latest movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dragon Squad, SPL, Zathura… they’ll be screening it even past midnight. I know I’ll sure to watch at 3 of the movies.

I’m sure we’ll have a great time there.

November 17, 2005, 9:44 am
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Life’s Like That

I’m seriously considering to switch to buttons instead of zippers.

I was going to a seminar the other night, but before I went down the hall, I decided to go release the much accumulated excess fluid in the bladder.

Of course I didn’t use the handicap toilet.

As usual, the men’s room was not as crowded as the ladies’ probably because man does it faster… (1)unzip, (2)Wee, (3)zip, (4)wash hand, (5)go… some don’t even bother to look at the mirror.

I went from step 1 to step 2, but when I go for step 3…it happened… the zip got stuck.

I proceeded to start pulling it in all direction with no better result. With a final pull and not knowing my own strength… nightmare happened… my worst fear… THE ZIP GOT RIPPED APART!!!

How many of you know its not possible to repair a zip with bare hands??

I stared at it with my jaw dropped to my chest but quickly recovered my expression not wanting to draw any attention. Moving swiftly to the nearest available cubicle and closed the door behind me. My mind racing to calculate my options…

I spent the next 10 mins sitting on the toilet bowl in my underwear trying with futile outcome to mend back the zip. At the same time I messaged my friend to find safety pins for me.

I can almost hear him roaring with laughter when I was sending the message. When he finally showed up 5 mins later, he could hardly suppress his snickering.

Well… all is done… I did my best to pin my pants together with me already in it… of course I have to be in the pants before I pin it, otherwise how am I going to get in it?

Coming out of the toilet I was very cautious not to walk too fast or make big movement, I looked down to check constantly ensuring the gap is not opening further especially when it got a little too breezy down south.

The rest of the night was ok… just a little distracted.

November 10, 2005, 4:24 pm
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Isabel has more or less got rid of her bed wetting problem, she is able to wake up in the middle of the night if she has a full bladder and go toilet on her own without switching on any light. Which is quite an achievement for her.

This morning at 3am, she came to my bedside mumbling something…

“Daddy… Pillow… (mumble mumble)… meeting…”

I thought I heard wrong. Then she said again,,

“Daddy… Pillow meeting… Come…”

????? (Pillow missing? Pillow hitting? Pillow singing?)

I followed her to her room and watched her climb back to bed.

I tucked her back but asked her has she gone to the toilet. She quietly climbed out again and went to do her business and came back to bed where she is fast asleep again, leaving me completely puzzled with what she said earlier.

November 4, 2005, 10:37 pm
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At the Beach…

At my age, I really don’t get to be invited to BBQ as often as it used to be. But upon this rare chance eating some mouth watering good old fashion BBQ food, I got my whole family to be there.

Isabel loves the beach, but hate the sand. How does it work out? She’ll get all excited about going to the beach but don’t dare to step on the sand… I had to carry her onto the beach screaming, kicking. But once she got over it, she’s ok. The only problem is she dare not move her feet too much fear that she get sand in her sandal, half hour later, her legs were so numb with pins and needles she just stood there crying for help.

I showed her how to pack the sand and make sand castle. We had a great time there. Until some kids came and kicked it down.

Getting Isabel to eat has always been a challenge, but surprisingly she didn’t need much persuasion to complete her dinner, maybe its because she got her friends with her. The food was pretty well done, thanks to my lovely wife carefully watching the fire, not over cooking any of the food.

The maid enjoyed herself too not of the food, but rather the company of other maids from the same country. They are like long lost friends reunited, joking and laughing. At one time I had a nagging feeling that they are laughing at the way I speak malayu.