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October 25, 2005, 10:25 pm
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MacDonald Party For Isabel

Isabel turned 3 years old on 25th October. We really didn’t know how we’re going to celebrate it. At first we thought we’ll just buy a cake, let her blow some candles and call it a day. But many friends were calling and asking: “Where’s the party?” so we might as well have one.

We know Isabel enjoyed the MacDonald party we were invited to 2 months ago. After finding out the details, we were able to book a room for her to throw a party.

We were there at 2:45pm, her god-mother started on her hair.

Isabel’s cousin Daryl and her god-sister Verina

The games are the same at every party, Isabel already anticipated it and knew exactly what to expect, hence she’s not shy or panicky at it.

Placing the most clothes pins will be winner

“Happy Birthday to yooouuu…..”

Me and my wife would like to thank everyone who attended the party, thank you for making it a memorable day for Isabel.

October 24, 2005, 9:30 am
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My baby Ally was born a miracle child. Surviving a 6 hour major heart operation 2 days after she was born. Recovered and went home after only 11 days in hospital.

Not convinced that God’s hand is upon her?

Here’s more prove…

She’s now 8 months old, but managed to climb out of her 4 feet high, properly secured crib, fell to the ground but not a single bump or scratch or fracture or even redness or sore on her.

It happened when I was cooking in the kitchen while the maid was washing the common toilet after I demonstrated to her how to remove the stubborn stain off the floor which she claimed impossible to do. (She keeps forgetting I was the one in charge of washing that toilet for the past 5 years.)

Ally was sleeping in her room.

Suddenly I heard a soft “THUD” followed by loud and persistent crying. I quickly dropped the half cooked macaroni cheese I was meddling and ran to the room with Isabel trailing at my heels. In my heart I was thinking “please let her not be on the floor”. But to my horror, she was on the floor trying to sit up.

My heart almost stopped, I carried her, pacifying her and checked her head for any bump or swelling but couldn’t find any.

I called my wife to tell her the incident, I was ready to bring her down to KKH A&E to do X-ray, but she reminded me that we have a doctor friend whose clinic is just across the street, he can do a check on our baby or even drive us to hospital if necessary. So I called him to come over to our place ASAP.

I went to the toilet and started banging on the door wanting Yani to come and assist in checking.

“YANI! COME OUT!” (Ally crying in the background)

” Nandi, nandi…” (Sound of scrubbing floor and water running)


“Nandi lah… ”


“Grumble…mumble…” (Open door)

“Ally climbed out of her bed and fell to the ground!”

Her eyes widened “AIYOH………!!!”

Despite Ally’s struggling protest, I managed to strip her down to butt naked to check for any indication of anything broken…

Nothing… not a bump or anything sore.

“Sir tak tengok?”

“What deng… what gor?”

“Tengok lah!”

“Tak tak la… Saya…eh… masak masak… makan Kasi Isabel.” (my malayu one piece one piece type)

“Oorr Sir tak tengok…” (looked at me like its my fault)

5 minutes later my stunt-performing baby was smiling, happily eating biscuit and playing with her elder sister.

Not long later the Doctor arrived. Again, we got Ally butt naked for him to check. He made her stand, grab things, checked the head, and every part of limbs and back… Everthing seems fine…

Its a miracle… Thank God…

Although the ordeal was over, my hands were still shaking an hour after the incident. You can’t imagine the shock of finding her on the floor fallen off the height higher than a table.

I immediately lowered her bed to a level where she could hardly reach the top edge.

October 20, 2005, 4:57 pm
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There is this Sandwich Vending Machine at the entrance to the building where I work. Sells Piping hot sandwiches at $2-$2.50 each.

This morning, while I was there with a colleague, I noticed there is a package in the slot where customer picks up the item. Its the $2.50 one…


It must be that someone paid for it and didn’t wait long enough for it, walked away thinking the machine is faulty. But the thing is you need to wait for at least 80 sec before it dropped out from the oven inside.

Whatever… Its in my stomach now.

October 18, 2005, 5:03 pm
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Just bought this new XBOX car racing game: Project Gotham 2

Me and my wife got pretty hooked to it, and believe it or not, I’m losing to her most of the time. I became the one who drives like a girl.

Isabel was pretty excited with the new game too, although she don’t get the control right, bumping around most of the time or even drived in the wrong direction, but nevertheless, she enjoys it too.

One time I was in the heat of a neck to neck race with my wife, eating dust from her car most of the time, but in the last moment, I made a swift move and over took her to win. I jumped up so high and shouted so loud, Isabel was so shocked that she immediately started crying.


My younger 8 month old daughter Ally is discovering things about herself. Just last week, she started to clap her hands or wave goodbye. Lately, she found that she can shake her head left and right, so when she’s happy to do it, she’ll shake her head and laugh to herself, she laugh more when she knows we are watching.

The latest is that she’s now communicating purposely, not thru non-sensical crying, but thru sign language. See. We’ve been teaching her to sign “Milk”, so now when she’s hungry, she’ll show it to us what she wants instead of crying, and she does it clearly.


I was reading the Digital Life, as usual another article about blogs and bloggers behavior.

Some girls have gone to the extend of posting nude pix claiming it to be themselves, writing stories of their sexual experience with strangers. But I don’t believe it to be them. Heck! The blogger might be some sick guy living out some sick sexual fantasy thru the blog, claiming it to be “her” own personal experience.

What is this world becoming…

October 13, 2005, 12:00 am
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Today is me and my lovely wife’s 4th wedding annivesary.

So… I would like to dedicate this blog to her with a poem I wrote:

To My Lovely Wife:

One thousand four hundred and sixty days since we’ve made our vows
With a promise to Love and to Hold forever and no matter how
and sealed it with a kiss on your cheek oh so tender
Our hearts and souls and lives then joined as one forever

One thousand four hundred and sixty days since we said “I Do”
To each other with our love that is so ever true
Knowing we will always be by each other’s side
Through thick and thins and with nothing to hide

One thousand four hundred and sixty days since we bonded our souls
together in unity with the Holy Ghost
In agreement we’ll walk with God’s Ordinance
In steps, in tune, to the furtherest distance

With a ring as a token of the sacred vow
I will love you the best way I know how
By giving you all my worldly possessions
And attending to you with undivided attention

With the truth of God we’ll hold on tight
With the Light of His Glory we’ll never loose sight
With His Strength we stand strong as a family
With His Promises we’ll go on and on happily

The future of our marriage is in our hands
Withstanding the test of time like a diamond in the land
Oh my lovely wife, I Love You
Cos you make me want to be a better man

Happy Anniversary!

October 12, 2005, 9:30 am
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Me and my wife brought Isabel for a buffet dinner in town.

Food was ok, its the dessert that’s more mouth watering.

I saw this little chocolate tart that has a piece of gold foil on it. I took one to show my wife.

“Joon boh… real gold meh???”

“Joon!! Boleh Makan one… I saw it on TV once.”

“k. k. I go and try”

I thought to myself… wouldn’t it be nice to have a birthday cake completely covered with gold? With the candle lights, it should be pretty glaring. ya?

October 12, 2005, 9:17 am
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My lovely wife is not going to be happy with this…

I don’t know why but I suddenly seems to be able to hear Burger King frying the fries and also the sprinkling of the salt. Mmmm…

Sooo… Tada…